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Charles have proudly served the real estate industry as a licensed real estate agent and a builder of residential properties throughout the greater Boston area.

All that Charles has done are from providing exclusive buyer and seller representation, to the development and construction of residential houses, all the way through marketing and sales. It is these unique skills and all-inclusive real estate background that has allowed Charles to deliver to his clients the highest degree of quality services and to proactively resolve any situation that may arise throughout the process of buying or selling real estate.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent and General Contractor, Charles brings an incisive understanding of construction, which has proved to be an invaluable resource when clients chose to analyze properties for remodel or tear down. His clients have also benefited from his strong focus on marketing, with programs tailored to suit each unique property and the specific needs of the client.

Charles is very proud to enjoy a reputation as hardworking true professional who is a highly ethical and always placing the needs of the client first. His job is not just to sell homes, but to assist and help people find a neighborhood that is perfect for them.

If you have questions, would like to view one or more of the homes for sale or need assistance with anything on this site, please Contact Us.

成傅,90年代留学美国,在波士顿居住20余年,持房屋建筑承包商执照, 及地产经纪人执照,拥有十五年建筑承包,房产投资, 及房地产经纪人经验,熟悉房屋建筑各项规范.了解本地房地产市场, 期待将多年累积与大家分享。代理波士顿及周边房产.将本着诚信、高效、务实的态度,为您提供专业、可靠的信息,为您物色最好、最切身需要的楼房。同时提供物业托管一条龙服务. 


客户意见反馈 Testimonial

Charlie was an amazing real estate agent! He is knowledgeable, detail oriented, very fast at responding, and helpful! I experienced an extremely difficult home buying situation that had a lot of bureaucratic red tape and he was patient and supportive the entire time. He encouraged me and was very good at paying attention to details and reminding me of deadlines. I cannot recommend him enough! You won't regret asking Charlie to be your agent!
--Emily, Boston,MA

" 我们的房,买和卖都是Charles帮助的我们。刚刚开始接触的时候就发现Charles很负责,对业务十分熟悉,并且对房产市场有自己的观察,能给出很好的建议。因为他的出色表现,我们在卖房的时候就很自然的又找到Charles。我们的房子在上市6天就卖出,非常有效率。强烈推荐Charles。
--Haoyu, Stoneham, MA

我们非常幸运找到Charles作我们的realtor. Charles 工作极其负责,email回复非常及时,时常半夜也会收到Charles的信. 由于我们是第一次买房,很多事情都不懂,Charles不厌其烦的和我们细心解释,他的建议也是非常中肯,对每个房子给pros and cons,给我们买房子提供了很大的帮助。毫不夸张的说我觉得像Charles这样工作认真,对client负责,而且对建筑也精通的中介真的很难找。I give my highest recommendation to anyone looking to buy houses. Thank you Charles!!! --Jeannie, Sharon, MA, United States

值得信赖。热情周到准时体贴。有买房需求的话联系Charles绝对没错。特别你对房子质量、构造、价格不太确定时,Charles会提出中肯实用的意见和建议。 我们首次购房没有太多经验,Charles耐心陪同看了多套房子。对于我们犹豫不太确定的房子他也能慧眼甄别出房屋的缺点和潜在风险,让我们做准确判断。 推荐要购房的朋友们联系Charles。 -- Lin, Medford, MA, United States

我们之前用过几个代理,从来只说房子的优点,对于我们指出来的房子存在的问题,总是支支吾吾。后来我们通过博客认识了Charles。发现他的地产文章写得真好,我们受益匪浅。接触之后,发现Charles是我们见过最专业的代理,也是最诚实可靠的代理。他说起房子的优缺点是头头是道,总能指出我们之前没能发现的问题。不难看出他有着深厚的建筑功底,对周围环境也非常熟悉,对房子的估价很准,并且还为我们提出合理的装修建议。如今的买房市场,特别是我们要买的是热门地区,竞争非常激烈,Charles的经验和老道对我们最后交易成功起到了至关重要的作用。十分感谢,祝事业更上一层楼。 -- Wen, Cambridge, MA, United States

感谢Charlie的帮助,我们顺利地买到想要的房子.我们从外州来到波士顿,看房看了大半年,还是没有买到合适的.之前有两次抢房过程中,我们有点着急,他不仅没有push我们,反而劝我们要冷静,帮助我们分析利弊.他在服务没得说,专业,细致,高效. 有他在房子结构和质量上为我们把关,在最后关头,我们勇敢地放弃了房检,最后以轻微的优势我们抢到了房子.后来的贷款也是一波三折,他从来都是耐心,不厌其烦地替我们解决问题.来波士顿买房遇有这样的经纪人,我们真心感谢他. -- Chris, Brookline, MA, United States

我们觉得非常幸运能找到Charlie做我们的buyer agent。 看房买房,买到自己称心满意的房子是一件非常费时费力的事情。幸亏Charlie能不厌其烦地带我们看房,凭借其多年的房地产经验,讲解每个房子的利弊和可能存在的一些结构隐患。同时,他能非常迅速地回复我们的电话和电子邮件,时刻保持沟通。整个购房过程尽管曲折,但是我们和Charlie的合作非常愉快,最终也买到自己想要的房子。 -- Wei, Arlington, MA United States

强烈推荐Charlie。他刚帮我们买了房子。像我们这样头一次在美国买房的,有很多不明白的。Charlie总是耐心解释,电邮电话都很快回复。在买房过程中给我们提出很多专业的建议。他还懂建筑,所以能帮我们在房主结构和质量上把关。非常感谢Charlie。强烈推荐! -- Jay, Natick, MA, United States

Charles对房屋结构非常了解,这个当然是跟他本身也是建筑承包人有关.在看房过程中,给了我们不少专业意见.不仅是从房形,房价以及社区情况方面给我们提供信息,还告诉我们房子哪些问题是只需要花小钱就可以解决的,哪些问题则是需要花大价钱去改善的,像第二种情况他通常会建议我们放弃这种房子.非常感谢Charles给我们提供的帮助. -- Ping, Arlington, MA, United States

Christina 617-240-9166

Christina Cui, originally from China, obtained her Ph.D. in mathematics from University of California at Santa Cruz and moved to Boston in 1992. She worked at Harvard Medical School as a biostatistician for over 20 years. Her passion for the real estate in the great Boston area stemmed from her love of the city and compassion in helping her country friends and families to settle and invest in this beautiful city and its vicinities. She has been a licensed salesperson since 2011, and has helped a great number of buyers and sellers to realize their American dreams and make profits from the rapidly growing Boston market.

Her top-notch services have earned her trust from her clients, who rely on her knowledge and judgement in determining home locations and right prices to buy or sell. With her negotiation skills and network of real estate agents, she gets deals done effectively. She is extremely responsive to her clients' requests and works patiently with everyone. Her caring nature and positive altitude along with her hard working spirit make her a highly desirable agent to work with. She strives to offer her highest quality of service to help anyone who comes to her.

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